Government Corruption


Government corruption of California’s public service moral fibers has resulted in the dilapidation of the people’s confidence in their elected representatives. Government officials – officeholders – are to serve at the will and pleasure of the people; hence the “Public Servant” attribution.  Term limits will be imposed.  We pay taxes for proper and respectable representation as demanded of our Public Servants by the U.S. Constitution.  Therefore, Government representatives’ pay will be scaled back by 50% when I am elected Governor.  No more will there be permanent, continued salaries for Public Servants after their service in office; no more will representatives be living better than the poorest of the poor and working middle class.


A substantial portion of taxpayers’ funds will then be available for responsible application in necessary uses such as our roads, highways, freeways, dams, and reservoirs.  This segment of infrastructure will be repaired with funds taxpayers have already paid – there will be no more new taxes and the recently passed gas and other taxes assaulting the taxpayers will be revoked immediately.  These public servants will also be required to accept the same healthcare and legislation imposed upon the people.  The most essential priorities (real and actual needs) will only be funded at the will of the people through a vote.


Government corruption has assaulted the peoples’ Constitutional rights guaranteed to the citizens by the 2nd Amendment.  Law–abiding citizens understand the value of their right to keep and bear arms to protect their families, person, and property against criminals – the key to ensuring crime is well–regulated.  As your Governor, I not only support your right afforded in the 2nd Amendment to keep and bear arms, I will revoke any and all unconstitutional laws assaulting your God–given ammunition and gun ownership rights.




Crime naturally diminishes as corrupt politicians are held accountable for violations against law–abiding citizens through enforcing our laws.  Bribery, favors, paid lobbying, embezzlement and money–laundering of the taxpayers’ money will not be tolerated.  The embezzlement of these funds by career and corrupt politicians is a crime and will cease and be returned to the taxpayers.


Human Trafficking is a huge problem not given the proper attention until recent years.  This is a decades old crime inflicted upon our children, and even our young adults.  Children and young adults are used morbidly and horrifically for the satiation of drug cartels, prostitution rings, and criminally deranged.  This crime affects all backgrounds and economic classes for demented agendas, including hard labor.  Human Trafficking is the harshest form of modern day slavery and it is time for a wide–sweeping extinguishing of the utterly despicable and demoralizing crime.


Crimes in various forms of voter fraud will be investigated.  Law enforcement officials’ investigation into California’s illegal voting practices will be met cooperatively, and revocation of the unconstitutional and illegal automatic voter registration through drivers’ licenses will be enforced.  Handling of the voters’ sensitive data and information during the investigation will be conducted with the utmost care.  Protecting citizens’ privacy is crucial, as I have been the subject of identity theft in the past; therefore I truly understand the importance of ensuring and safeguarding the peoples’ personal information.


California is inundated with the crime of foreign and domestic terrorists and will be dealt with the strictest measures of state and federal law.  Taxpayer funds will never be used to fund foreign or domestic terrorists’ healthcare, legal expenses, education, welfare benefits, fraudulent social security or unemployment payments.  Californians are fed up with the infiltration of criminals’ and their horrendous and blatant disregard for our state and federal laws, and furthermore, with the political correctness engulfing the issue. There will be no sanctuaries or protections for criminals.  Law and order will be restored to Californians.




Small businesses are already struggling to make ends meet; government overregulation will and must be rescinded.  Small businesses are the heart of providing the financial arteries to the jobs for Californians – not government.  The heavy regulations are suffocating small businesses and lead to financial strokes and heart attacks of the working poor and middle classes.  Resuscitation for job growth and creation is now a more urgent priority as numerous businesses and entrepreneurs have left California for the basic ability to provide a decent living for their families.


Government regulation kills the poor, middle class, and aspirations of financial independence, leading to even higher unemployment rates because job providers through these businesses are forced to relocate out of California.  Job–killing legislation is not compatible with a healthy, strong investment and job creation economy.  Hiring California American citizens will be the first priority through my active plans to restore California’s economy with a number of cost–effective, energy–saving projects, one of which will be the Wall Project.  This project will create a massive amount of jobs to put California American citizens back to work and will support business owners previously attacked and chastised by career and corrupt politicians who are destroying this state’s economy.


Investing in practical and responsible projects within the state of California will promote the growth of California’s economy.  Investments begin with our own citizens.  Citizens must be encouraged to lead the way in valuable investments for Californians, not government officials who seek to gain astronomical financial gains off the skirt tails of hard–working people.  Business development and expansion of projects and services must be managed by individuals with no government affiliations.  Numerous regulation programs enacted by the career and corrupt politicians were done behind closed doors to secure their own government monopolies, and are strangling small business owners.





Waterways in California are our most precious resource.  All water sources must be protected from career and corrupt politicians who have an insatiable greed to control people from its proper and rightful use of producing crops that feed not only the people in our state, but globally.  Government does not have the right to tell people whether they can eat, drink, breathe, live or earn a living.  California’s water supply was tested recently to show substantially dangerous amounts of 16 carcinogenic chemicals.  This is absolutely unacceptable, proving decades–long corrupt and career politicians are incapable of responsibly managing the precious resources of our state.  Water facilities throughout California must be carefully operated to ensure proper water treatment is conducted.  Re-establishing the operation of our desalination plants will create jobs and provide an alternative resource to delivering water to all California citizens.


Corruption by officials in Sacramento has lead to the war on our farmers who provide Californians with its essential food supply.  Corrupt and career politicians attack our farmers with excessive water restrictions and exorbitant financial burden, causing massive destruction to the agricultural industry and loss of jobs provided by these farmers.  The impact trickles down to even the farmers’ livestock supply.  The cost impact results in then being required to purchase food and livestock sources from outside a state that has the capacity to produce most the world’s dietary provisions.  California must be the first economy in the world, because our state has the richest resources from top to bottom to produce that world-class economy.


Heavy water restrictions and mismanagement allows for unjust financial gain by corrupt and career politicians who seek to make a fortune off land currently desolate in California, until such a time in the future when the property is cultivated back into an astronomical, financially prosperous endeavor – also known as the Delta Tunnels project.   This is essentially raping California citizens into an abysmal death of starvation.  Our resources must be wrestled back from the greedy politicians – or we will soon be another third world country.




California’s education system requires immediate revamping of its operations, including incorporating a respectable education for our youth from Pre–K through 12th grades, teaching foundational subjects of math, balanced and truthful science, English, reading comprehension, music, arts, and ROP trades geared towards full preoperational readiness in the real world of private sector industries.


Our children must enter the workforce valuably skilled and maturely capable of engaging as responsible adults by the age of 18, who may then embark upon a higher education in engineering, technology, and other specialized fields.  Furthermore, our educational instructors who truly have our children’s best interest at heart have been neglected in recognition and support.

When I went to Pre–K through 6th grade, my teachers always had the finances for the necessary basic supplies and special projects.  Never were my parents required to shell out money during those years to pay for paper, pencils, erasers, staplers, staples, art supplies, and etcetera.  Today, the corrupt politicians of California have stolen the money to pay “administrative” costs, better known as unjustified, super–inflated salaries for top education officials.  The corrupt government of California has continually decried, manipulated, deceived, and stolen from the already struggling parents, genuine educators, and property owners all barely putting food on the table.


Universities and other colleges on public taxpayer funds need to be investigated for misappropriation of taxpayers’ money.  Even our college students are facing insurmountable debt through school loans, being charged numerous fees for everything, yet our incompetent government claims there is no money.  Again, our education system and the politicians’ management of these institutions needs to be investigated for fraud with serious repercussions administered.




As a strong supporter and advocate voice for our Veterans, spearheading the restoration of support for our Veterans is a serious priority.  This applies to those who have served in our military and are current service members now placing their lives on the line to protect and defend the rights American citizens have enjoyed for centuries.  The treatment our service members receive for their honorable service must be that which shows respect; therefore, the benefits provided to these service members must actually be beneficial throughout their lifetime.  Jobs, job training, affordable housing, additional education, quality medical, and moral support in acclimating our soldiers back into civilian society must be readily available to them when our service members return.


Numerous complaints have been asserted regarding the quality of services offered and provided by the Veterans’ Affairs offices.  This must be drastically improved to better serve our veterans respectably who have served and currently serve us.  The fact that we have homeless Veterans in our state who want to work is not acceptable; it is despicable.  Providing our Veterans and service members with proper assistance is more than constitutional; it is honorable and required.


California used to have several facilities and bases in operation for military engagement and training activities.  These facilities must be reopened to support the preparation of any potentially threatening emergencies and to provide cost–efficient functional utilities for all branches of our military.  A well–equipped and trained militia in every branch must be financially supported in its operations for the unbreakable security afforded to all California citizens.




Homelessness in California has been an ongoing issue for decades, but has recently skyrocketed out of control in an influx of homeless persons from all other states, no thanks to our irresponsible corrupt politicians announcing more free money available to those who refuse to work and pay their own way.  For example, the homeless guy who is vocally adamant about refusing to work or be a contributing member of society, living under the 110 freeway and charging other homeless persons $25 per month for a place under the bridge.  Extortion is what he is actively engaging in, not to mention the drain on law–abiding citizen taxpayers.  These types of situations require severe consequences as the circumstances pose a serious threat to the neighboring working communities, causing unsafe conditions for law–abiding citizens.  People should not be living in tents under bridges or along freeways, urinating and defecating in the open environment in massive quantities, as is polluting numerous neighborhoods currently.  These actions cause serious health hazards and unsanitary conditions not only for the homeless, but also for the neighboring communities contributing to society productively.


On the other side of this issue, are those who devastation has befallen them on varying levels and reasons, but these are those who desire to work to get back on their feet as contributing members of society.  Their dignity must be respected as they receive short–term assistance compensated through them working for their benefits of housing and job placement assistance.  They need a place out of the weathering elements, food and water to maintain their energy, and proper clothes.  An employment assistance program coordinated with local businesses willing to provide skills training and trade industry education would allow for people to gain an independent living to provide for themselves once again.  As Governor, I will help those who desire to do right by becoming productive members of California, and I will clean up the cities statewide to ensure California is not a foul stench to the nasal faculties by providing a sanitary place for Californians to live, work, and play enjoyably and affordably.