About Laura

Laura Smith was born in San Dimas and raised in Alta Loma, California where she started her entrepreneurial tendencies at the young age of eight.  Gathering lemons, limes, and avocadoes from her backyard trees (and sometimes apricots from the neighbor’s overhanging tree), she regularly headed to her neighborhood corner to sell the commodities to unsuspecting drivers passing by in a scurry on their way to running errands or heading to work.  Around the age of nine she worked for a company with her mom’s approval, selling candy bars in front of grocery stores or other businesses, receiving a percentage of the profits earned.


In 1992, her mom was hit head on by an uninsured drunk driver.  Laura recovered from an abused childhood as a perseverer, warrior, and conqueror through forgiveness, shining character, sarcastic humor, and a passion for obtaining justice and a better life for people.  She is full of personality with a flair for igniting positive actions and energy to extract the best from people, but not always necessarily politically correct.


Laura moved to her Dad’s house in Mariposa, California in 1992.  She began working at fourteen, the same two jobs through high school.  God intervened at age 15, a secret she kept as a professed Atheist.  Laura narrowly graduated from Mariposa County High School and later moved to Acworth, Georgia in 1999.  God pushed her to drive back to California in 2002, where she plunged herself to the bottom of the barrel of the darkest hours in her life for the next three years.


In 2003, Laura began attending college to become a cardiovascular surgeon, later changing course towards a degree in Business Law and Management.  She is qualified for four degrees in Business Law and Management; however, her passion is driven by a focus on engaging proactively in legal and political matters.  Presenting arguments of debate started early, resulting in winning most of her battles.  Being no stranger to the court system and law enforcement, she is known to many of the officials by name or sight.  In 2008, she set out to obtain her law degree in Constitutional Law.  Her educational background is expansive on the knowledge spectrum, taking years to complete while working full–time as an Executive Assistant since 2004.  She has worked in industries of manufacturing, aerospace, accounting, automotive, retail, and hospitality.


Laura holds a deep respect for those who serve selflessly and ethically as police officers, firefighters, military, medical, and other true public service positions.  She began picking up the political fight behind the scenes more aggressively, attending city council meetings to speak out against corruption and disregard for the will of the people.  People in her community recognized her with an award, “The Meritorious Service Award,” in 2010 for her tenacious community engagement.


In 2014, Laura fought against a strip club owner, bringing into attendance as many people and organizations she knew in support of her fight at the city council meetings.  She managed to persuade the city council to place the measure on the ballot for the 2016 general election.  Laura spent the next two years informing her community of the imminent harm of their children and city by way of the measure to be on the ballot.  The measure was overwhelmingly defeated by 65% of the residents.


Proud of her political success she posted the accomplishment on social media.  With the triumphant election of President Trump and plans to attend the historical inauguration, she was contacted by another known political activist who strongly encouraged her, again, to run for a public office.  She politely declined the suggestion, valuing her privacy – that was in December of 2016.


Recognizing the dire conditions of the people of California, Laura re–contemplated running for an office and researched upcoming public servant needs.  On January 3, fully confident of her ability to serve as Governor of California, she posted on social media her decision to run for Governor.  The response was overwhelming enough to cancel the historic inaugural attendance and set her privacy aside to clean up the corruption of the political regime in California.


On January 20, she filed her paperwork with the Secretary of State to be a candidate for Governor 2018.  With tireless determination, she has been working her Campaign the same way she would run a business –through a team of dedicated volunteers.  Recently in 2017, the residents reinforced the 2016 measure by passing another measure to further solidify the People’s decision to go against the strip club owner’s agenda to defile children.